10 Tips to Take Care of The Car to Stay Durable and Shining

10 Tips to Take Care of The Car to Stay Durable and Shining

The car must be maintained in order to remain durable and comfortable to use. How are the tips to take care of the car to stay durable and comfortable to use while driving? Cars that are routinely used certainly require extra maintenance. You don’t want your car to suddenly crash on the road?

Whatever type of car, both matic and manual cars, requires maintenance.┬áHonda BR-V Solo Price┬áTune up the car or periodic service must be done in order to maintain the car to always be primed and in good condition when used. Here’s how to keep your car durable as summarized from various sources:

Regular oil
checks Generally in manual manuals, oil checks are recommended every 10,000 km or 6 months. But it is best for the use of cars that in everyday facing congestion, oil change is done every 5,000 km. Also, when the car engine feels rough and the oil color is blackened and diluted, it’s a sign to change the oil.

Clutch and Brake
Check Recommended when entering 10,000 and 50,000 km check vehicles. Pay attention to the clutch pulp that has started to wear out, it will make the gearshift feel heavy. Then routinely check the condition of the brakes. Replacing brake oil should be every 20,000 km.

Replace Radiator
Water Proper radiator water replacement and not origin, become a thing to be considered in the maintenance of the car. This is to support the performance of the car.

Check Accu
Tips to take care of the next car that is to make sure the battery water is at the level that it should be, namely between the boundary line markers. Or measure the voltage of the battery using a voltmeter.

Tyre and Pressure
Checks Although trivial, tyre pressure is essential for safety. At least once a month and before traveling long distances. Also pay attention to the condition of the tires, so that if something strange or damaged should be replaced immediately.

Routinely Check Cables and Lamps
For convenience and no problems while on the road, routinely check the condition of cables and lamps. Is there a cable that is sagging, even breaking, and the lights are starting to dim. If you find damage and are forced to change, use the spare parts recommended by the factory.

Wash At least once a week wash the car to keep the car body kinclong and clean from stains. If it is rarely washed, it will be more difficult to clean, especially cars that are white stains easily visible. Use car-specific laundry soap when washing, Honda Brio Solo price and use a smooth cloth so as not to damage the paint. In addition use a car cover when parking to avoid damp and heat.

Clean Glass
Routinely clean the glass using a special liquid glass cleaner and check the quality of the water washer. Make sure the rubber on the window is often cleaned of dirt and dust so as not to make beret glass.

Clean The Inside of the Car
Clean the inside of the car like a car seat after use to avoid rapid discoloration. Car seats change due to sweat or anything else that sticks. Also clean the cabin and carpet to prevent mold from growing.

Use The Last
High Octane Fuel,tips to take care of the car for better engine performance that is to use high-octane fuel or as advised by the factory. Dirty fuel consumption can affect the performance of the car’s engine. Try refueling in an official place.